Beauty Salon Towels

HY Supplies is a leading producer and supplier of high quality textile products. Our Premium products are Salon Towels. Our textile supply includes Spa Towels, Pool Towels, Health Club Towels, Spa Blankets, Spa Pillow Cases and Sheets, Spa Bathrobes, Body Wraps, Nylon Uniforms and Aprons too.

Bleach Proof, Stain Resistance and Color Lasting are the prime features of Hy Supplies Inc.' salon products. Our Salon towels can double or triple the normal life of the towel, because of its remarkable and superior design.

Salons regularly replace their "salon towels" because of their offensive looks rather than their performance. Standard color towels stain and become unsightly long before their normal life expires.

Hy Supplies Inc. gives a great relief to its customers from this kind of cons with its salon towels' unique features.