White Egyptian Cotton Towels

White Egyptian Cotton Towels
buy 100% Egyptian Cotton Hand Towels

100% Egyptian Cotton Hand Towels


  • Bleach Proof
  • Stain Resistant
  • Minimal Lint

Available Size

  • 16 x 27 - 3.00 #/dz - BEWHT071
  • 16 x 30 - 4.50 #/dz - BEWHT072


HY Supplies is a leading producer and supplier of high quality textile products. Our Premium products are Salon Towels. Our textile supply includes Spa Towels, Pool Towels,

Health Club Towels, Spa Blankets, Spa Pillow Cases and Sheets, Bathrobes, Body Wraps, Nylon Uniforms and Aprons too. Our Salon towels can double or triple the normal life of the towel, because of its remarkable and superior design.

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